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The tavern building arrived at the museum in July 2004. It had been the office of the Northern Granite Co., which dated from 1908 and was located on 5th Street in Barron.

The Tavern features an 1896 back bar from an early tavern in Prairie Farm, which is the oldest village in our county, along with a section of bar from The Coach Bar in Poskin, which dates back to the 1930's or earlier. Featured also are numerous smaller items found in a tavern.


Inside the tavern you may read the history of the Northern Granite Works in our county. The building was given to the Barron County Historical Society by Lee Zabka of Barron. The Barron County Tavern League financed the cost of moving the building to the museum and the necessary repair work and redecoration.

In 2019, the building was renamed "Tavern" (rather than previous "Saloon,") in recognition of the fact there were no saloons in Barron County - or even this part of the country! Bars, taverns, and inns were the staple of the North.

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