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Our volunteers contribute their time and talents to operate and maintain the museum. They help ensure that our local history and culture will continue to be honored and enjoyed by present and future generations. Their kindness and generosity is much appreciated and valued. The museum cannot operate without them! Please consider joining our volunteer team and see what a difference you can make.

Community Service - Skill Building - Teamwork - Oral History - Life Lessons

Each year, prior to opening for the season, the museum needs cleaning, raking, mowing, etc.  Volunteering at the Pioneer Village Museum is, at its core, a community service activity. However participation involves more than just picking up trash and calling it a day. Everyone who participates has an opportunity to learn or improve new skills by working with veteran volunteers of the museum and develop teamwork habits that will extend outward into their personal and professional lives.

Additionally, many of our seasonal volunteers are also museum members or long-time residents of Barron County who share their knowledge and experiences with young and old alike, passing on valuable life lessons and Barron County history. Many volunteers who work at the museum even a day go home knowing more about their community history and the history of Wisconsin and the United States than they did prior to their service. These are all things anyone - young or old - can carry forward into the rest of their lives.

Volunteering at the Pioneer Village Museum brings with it a host of benefits for everyone involved. The Pioneer Village Museum is a non-profit organization, meaning we rely on volunteers, members, and donors to continue bringing the best possible experience to the Barron County community and visitors from all over - sometimes even other states or countries! Helping keep the museum in top shape is an important part of that experience. 


How can I sign up?.....................Come to the museum ready to go!

We'd love to know in advance if we can count on you to join us so that we're sure to have enough supplies and opportunities available - if you know for sure you want to help out at the museum, either during the event on May 4th or any time during cleanup week,


Call at 715-458-2080 or e-mail us at to get a jump start on your volunteer experience! If you are planning to come with a group, you can also let us know about how many people and vehicles you think you'll be bringing, and we'll be sure there is plenty of parking available. If your group would like to make a day of it, we also have ample picnic, restroom, and indoor seating facilities to accommodate you. We hope you'll join us!

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