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Post Office


Henry Lande and Ashely Engness built this 16' x24' log cabin near the other farm buildings. The logs were cut from the farm woodlot. The logs notch construction is know as "saddle and notch." The tools used for the saddle notch were an axe and a gutter adze. The Lande brothers lived in the log house until 1951 when Henry, the last surviving brother, moved because of ill health.


Adolph Engness, brother of Ashley Engness, bought the farm in 1940. Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Engness gave the building to the Barron county Historical Society, and it was moved to the museum in December, 1973.


The equipment in the museum post office came from various area offices as they were up dated through the years. The individual patron boxes in the lobby came from the Barron office. There was a window that separated the lobby area from the working area, where you could buy stamps, money orders, or other things needed. Each piece of mail was stamped and cancelled with the date and the town it was mailed from. They were then put into pouches to designated towns and transferred to the train.


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