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Keep the Anvil Ringing

Rick Tolliver (Blacksmith, welder, instructor, Pioneer Village volunteer), in response to a large number of requests, has agreed to teach a beginning blacksmithing class. The “beauty” of this summer’s opportunity is:


#1. YOU do not need tools or equipment, (while in class and while volunteering at Pioneer Village, tools & coal will be available for you to use); 

#2. The reduced class price;

#3.  YOU will be able to volunteer at Pioneer Village as a blacksmith to continue developing your skills!


Location: Pioneer Village Museum, Blacksmith Shop, 1866 13 ½-14th Ave, Cameron

Time: Friday & Saturday, 8 am - 12 pm, June 26 & 27

Cost: FREE if you agree to volunteer as a blacksmith

Students: Class is designed for 4-6 adult students.  Minors (under 16) must have parental or guardian permissions on registration and liability forms.

Objective: Develop foundational skills in the historic art of blacksmithing needed for volunteering and creating projects at Pioneer Village, Cameron, WI.


This Class will Cover: Safety, Tool manipulation, Fire Control, Basic techniques and Blacksmithing terminology.  We will be working with fire.


Before Class Date: Return completed Class Registration, Liability form and Class Fee

Bring: Eye, ear and skin protection, wire brush.  OSHA approved Safety glasses required. Ear plugs or muffs are recommended.  Tools will be provided but if you have a favorite cross peen hammer or tongs bring them along.  Water bottle/jug, Band-aids & white adhesive medical tape for blisters are strongly encouraged. 

Wear: Long-sleeved shirt and pants of cotton or leather.  Leather boots.  NO Synthetic and polyester clothing as it will burn and melt; there will be sparks and hot metal.


Download Class Registration form HERE.

Let’s keep the anvil ringing at Pioneer Village!


If you have questions:  Call Rick Tolliver, 715-268-9087

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