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General Store


This 20' by 24' building was built in the early 1930's by the late Carl Espeseth, who originally constructed it as an office in Dallas. He used it as the center of his horse dealing business. In later years it became a doctor's office. Most recently, the Chibardun Telephone Cooperative acquired the building and used it for storage. The Chibardun Telephone Cooperative gave it to the Barron County Historical Society, and it was moved to the museum site in September 1972.


The Little Clown pictured was found during a remodeling project at Kirkwood's IGA in Barron, formerly The Farmer's Store. After it was found covered in dust in the basement, its clothes were washed, a new motor installed and other mechanisms replaced.  It now runs smoothly. So far, no one can tell exactly how old the Little Clown is. It has been said that when the clown was operational, you could buy two ice cream cones for a nickel.  Inside, there is also a variety of old valuables that would have been offered at any old general store: shoes, writing utensils, thread and clothing for sewing, etc.

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