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Marine Building

This building contains two major displays, the 42 foot saloon style motor launch and an antique outboard motor collection. The boat, named Calista, was manufactured by the Dingle Boat Works in Minnesota for Frank Stout. Frank (of Knapp Stout Lumber Company fame) owned an island on Red Cedar Lake, which he named the Island of Happy Days. He commissioned three such boats, which were kept in his beautiful boat house on the island. We have restored the boat to its original condition. It measures 42 feet in length and was originally powered by an 85 horsepower Red Wing motor. Come and see this beautifully restored launch and read about the beautiful Stout recreational mansion on the Island of Happy Days.

The second major display in the Marine Building is our collection of antique outboard motors. This collection was started only nine years ago with eight original motors. Through contributions from visitors and other sources, it has grown to a current inventory in excess of 145 motors. They are beautifully preserved and much information about the original motors is displayed for visitors on boards in front of the motors. Facts, figures, original prices, and even a copy of original advertising is shown when available. The display continues to grow with additional donations.

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