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The dark-colored bookshelves are from Barron's Carnegie Library, which was built in 1913. The long wood table was used in an early Post Office, located in the present police station on La Salle Ave. The ornate, green metal file cabinet came from the Barron County Abstract Company which was started by Arthur & Clarence Coe Law Office in Barron in 1885. The file was used by the Abstract Company until 2000. The tall vertical shelves in the northeast corner where used in the Register of Deeds office in the Court House. The very heavy record books (like the one on the large bookkeeper's desk) were kept on these shelves.  


Informational material in the library consists of several early Barron County Plat Books; the oldest published in 1888, older books of fiction, literature, agriculture, school text books, magazines, school annuals, church and centennial books, to name a few. One of our most important books is the 1922 Barron County History which contains information about Barron County's beginnings, histories and pictures of early residents. There are over a thousand cross-referenced copies of photographs in the museum archives. A few categories are machinery, logging, businesses, cities, and villages, to name a few.

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