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The Hedin Home


The Hedin log house was moved to the museum in October of 1967 from the Esther and Bill Anderson farm in the Township of Stanfold. It was moved in two sections. The roof was removed for easier transportation. The 14' x 24' cabin was built about 1890 by A.P. Hedin. The log construction is what is known as chamfer and notch. Tools used for this type of notch were a maul, mortise axe and saw.


To the west of the cabin, mounted in the framework resembling a well, is the cast iron kettle the family used on their homestead.


The furnishings, while not the original ones, are typical of the furnishings used by the Hedin family. The items are arranged as they were when the Hedin's lived there. The family moved from the log home to a new house in 1909.

The Eleven members of the  Hedin family who resided in this cabin at the same time were:


  • Father - Anders P. Hedin was born in Sweden on July 11, 1865 and died December of 1941.

  • Mother - Anna Matilda (Film) Hedin was born in Sweden on September 13, 1865 and died May 1939.

  • Daughter Lydia - Born on October 18, 1888.

  • Son Enoch - Born on December 12, 1890.

  • Son Joseph - Born on April 14, 1895.

  • Son David - Born on August 12, 1897.

  • Son Daniel - Born on August 14, 1899.

  • Daughter Ruth - Born on May 12, 1902.

  • Daughter Judith - Born on April 26, 1905.

  • Son Albin - A foster child reared by the family.

  • Grandmother - Anna Greta Film

Inside this log house you will find the following original items:


  • Family cookbook

  • Bible given to mother Hedin by her father in 1883

  • Mother Hedin's purse

  • A butter churn used on the Hedin farm in the 1870's

  • Old family pictures

  • A clipping of an old newspaper

  • A baby cradle made by the Hedin parents

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