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50 Acts of Green

This Earth Day, we want to take the legacy of Senator Gaylord Nelson forward and continue the work of doing what you can, right here, right now, to help protect and restore our natural environment. To encourage this, we've come up with a list of 50+ items that you can do that promotes a healthy environment. If you are able to do 15 of these things over the next 50 days, post pictures of your participation to our Facebook page, and your name will be entered into a drawing for $50 in gift certificates to local businesses.

1. Pick up trash

2. Grow food

3. Plant a butterfly garden

4. Reduce lawn size

5. Walk or ride bike more/drive less

6. Use cloth napkins in place of paper

7. Plant a tree

8. Buy an electric or hybrid

9. Reduce meat portions

10. Use windows instead of air conditioning

11. Consume less

12. Travel less

13. Use natural pesticides

14. Use metal straws

15. Meatless Monday (or any day of the week)

16. Make a rain barrel

17. Purchased gently used merchandise

18. Compost

19. Switch to Green Power if your energy provider offers it

20. No single use plastic

21. Try a staycation for your next vacation

22. Reduce your Foodprint

23. Shop local farmer’s markets

24. Buy in-season produce

25. Take your own coffee cup when out and about

26. Turn off water when brushing your teeth

27. Reusable water bottles

28. Buy in bulk

29. Re-use jars for food storage

30. Replace ziplock bags with reusable bees wax food wraps

31. Use purchasing power by supporting companies committed to sustainability

32. Compost kitchen scraps

33. Recycle

34. Use an energy calculator to see what changes you could make

35. Cut grass at a higher length

36. Turn down thermostat

37. Compost yard debris

38. Use re-usable shopping bags

39. More reading and playing games/less television and computers

40. Solar power

41. Advocate for your school/company to serve more plant-based meals

42. Vote for candidates that make climate and environment a priority

43. Use thoughtful purchasing to minimize waste

44. Take your own bags to the farmer’s market

45. Use bar soap and shampoo

46. Make a rain garden to control run-off

47. Reduce or eliminate herbicide use

48. Install solar panels

49. Plant a pollinator garden

50. Host a Plastic-free day at work/school

51. Buy energy efficient appliances

52. Recycle old appliances at a recycling facility that uses the best environmental practices and technologies available.

If you have other ideas, submit them to our Facebook post! We'll keep updating this list with your great ideas to share them with our larger community!

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