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History is Happening Now

In the future, scholars will look back on this time to learn about individuals’ and societies’ responses to a worldwide pandemic. While archived news and internet sites will be essential primary sources, the day-to-day, mundane, social, and emotional experiences of individuals can get lost. Historians are suggesting we keep a record of our lives during the Coronavirus Pandemic. The Pioneer Village Museum and local county libraries would love you to share your works with us.


The Value of History

History has critical value to ourselves, our communities, and our future, but at a glance, a lot of people can't always put a finger on why.

Take a few minutes to explore the value of history, and share this information with your families and communities to help them gain a richer understanding of the place historical societies and museums hold in their communities.



Collecting, protecting and preserving the history of Barron County is our mission. In order to meet our mission, we rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for support. Without the assistance of community-minded individuals like you, we wouldn't be able to serve those in our community each year.

We are continuing and expanding our service in a way that supports strong, vibrant communities, acts as a catalyst for economic growth, helps citizens envision a better future, and inspires future leaders by providing a foundation on which to build.



Our volunteers contribute their time and talents to operate and maintain the museum. They help ensure that our local history and culture will continue to be honored and enjoyed by present and future generations. Their kindness and generosity is much appreciated and valued. The museum cannot operate without them! Please consider joining our volunteer team and see what a difference you can make.


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