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Artifact Donation

The Museum collects objects, photographs, and documents that help to better understand Barron County and exemplifies its history as it has evolved over time. It looks for items that are unique and have a local story or relationship. The Museum may only take in that which pertains to specific buildings or exhibits currently in existence, production, or planning. Since the quality and relevance of collections are vital to the usefulness of the Museum, acquisitions shall meet the following conditions:

1)   Be relevant to the purposes and priorities of the Museum

2)   Be adequately registered, documented, and acknowledged 

3)   Be properly stored and cared for

4)   Be restorable at reasonable expense with a reasonable timeline (if          applicable)

5)   Be available for research, education, and exhibition purposes*

If you have artifacts you would like to donate to the Pioneer Village Museum, please contact us at 715-458-2080.


*This information has been extracted from our Collections Policy. To continue reading, click here.