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Caboose Canopy (Roof) Fund

We have added a Soo Line Caboose to our railroad display! 


Pioneer Village is located only one mile west of the beginning point of the Soo Line Railroad! In 1884 Construction started right here in Cameron, WI, extending west to Turtle Lake and east to Bruce.


The Museum now houses a small Soo Line depot. Many railroad artifacts are located inside the depot like lanterns, railroad tools, and a telegraph. Outside there is a railroad semaphore from Almena, a railroad crossing light, a switchstand, a motorcar (speeder), and baggage carts. A Soo Line caboose will be a great addition to this collection!


The caboose will be open for viewing during Museum hours and used as an educational tool during school tours each year. 


We are in need of financial assistance to get a canopy (roof) over it now that it is here.  Donations of $100 or more will be recognized on a plaque in the caboose.