2017 Bluegrass Festival Line-Up

Friday, September 8th

5:00          Bluegrass Jam Band

6:00          The Stringsmiths

7:00          St. Paul Mudsteppers
8:00          Midnight Coal Company

Saturday, September 9th

11:00       The Stringsmiths

12:00       River City Ramblers

1:00          John & Rose Band

2:00          North of Dixie

3:00          High View

4:00          Gospel Notes

5:00          Biscuit Boys

6:00          Porcupine Creek

7:00          Rosby Corner

Sunday, September 10th

11:00        Bluegrass Jam Band

12:00        North of Dixie

1:00          Biscuit Boys

2:00          Rosby Corner

3:00          John and Rose Band

4:00          High View

No pets are allowed on the Museum grounds, with the exception of service animals.

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