No pets are allowed on the Museum grounds, with the exception of service animals.

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The mission of the Barron County Historical Society is to collect, preserve, and share the unique heritage of Northwest Wisconsin, in order to honor our ancestors, enrich lives, and inspire future generations.

The Barron County Historical Society (BCHS) is the product of community, board, and staff vision. Since its founding in 1960 by a group of prominent citizens committed to the preservation of local history, BCHS made the "acquisition and preservation of property and information of historical value and interest to the people of Barron County" its chief priority.


BCHS is in the planning stages for an expansion to add an archival library and research center. Expanded gallery space will lead to a more varied exhibition schedule, and public programming space will enable BCHS to program to an expanding range of audiences and to make its facilities available for other community groups.


Membership dues, donations, visitors, and the excellent efforts of our volunteers and staff help continue the preservation of our history.



"It is said that the Barron County Historical Society and Museum is a labor of love. It represents untold hours of dreams and work by its members and friends. Numerous programs have evolved within the Society that benefit the entire community and surrounding areas. The Museum, by its very nature is the most visible. It is a constant source of pride and wonderment, not only to those who work with it, but also to those who visit it." - Betty Christianson, Barron, WI​

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